Castle Computer Myanmar has been established  5 years  local Retail and  Repair Services. Most of our customers have been with us for more than 4 years and we take pride in the fact that our customers keep coming back.

Our Team is a strong sense of quality and an ability to understand exactly how we help our customers .

Through a strong network of suppliers, we can assure our customers that we always offer fantastic quality at a very competitive price.

Computer Accessories

Computer motherboards

Computer Harddisks

Computer Memory

Computer  CPU

Computer Casing

Computer Powersupply

Computer CPU fan

Computer DVD Drive

We sell all kind of Brand and many part of computer accessory.

Game accessories

Plastation 2 Game Accessories

Plastation 3 Game Accessories

PSP Game Accessories

Phone Game Bluetooth Controllers

We sell game entertainment accessories.

Networking accessories

Game Entertainment accessories

Printer accessories

Our Team